Grow your brand on Amazon


you are ready to grow your brand on Amazon platform

Amazon is the largest global  e-commerce platform with millions of customers, high credibility, and sophisticated logistics network that allows scalability and streamlining for product based businesses.

You know your business should include Amazon as an online channel, but you are not sure where to start, how to navigate, or how to grow your sales on the platform.

That's where I come in:

As an experienced seller and now as a consultant to small and medium size businesses I help your brand launch, re-launch, grow and thrive in a competitive Amazon market.  




whaT i brinG:



My expertise  is built through 'being in the trenches' of personal selling experience, as well as  guidance and execution for businesses in various stages and situations of their e-commerce journey.  


Most likely growing on Amazon is one part of your business model, and not the only distribution channel. I make sure that my plan and direction fit into the your overall business vision and goals, and how your brand is represented on Amazon aligns with your overall brand's positioning and value proposition.

Project management

Years of experience as a project manager in intense, high achievement corporate environment has taught to be a great planner, goal and milestone setter, open communicator, and  a problem solver. Cornelius Fitchner said: 'Planning with action is futile, action without planning is fatal'. I bring you both to deliver results.

Advocate for your brand

I am not  only your Amazon partner, I am an advocate for your brand. Because I don't work with brands I personally would not recommend helping your business grow means  work that comes both from the mind and the heart. And I have learned that to make a difference for your brand I need to use both!


We grow and succeed together, and my compensation model reflects that. I work on fee + commissions, which means how much money I make is closely tied to your sales levels on Amazon platform.  



whaT you bring:


your brand has a purpose and a mission  

Your business has a purpose and a mission that goes beyond making money through selling physical products. Your brand is about solving a problem, bringing customers positive experience, and contributing to the world in a meaningful way

you have existing B&M or online presence

You are already selling your product(s), whether it's Brick&Mortar, your own website, or even Amazon platform itself.

you want to grow your brand but becoming an amazon expert is not your goal

You want to establish Amazon as a viable sales channel for your business, but you don't want to invest your time and energy to learn how to navigate the platform, grow sales, or do ongoing management because selling on Amazon is not your core business.


How we work together:

We determine if we are a good fit. In my experience we can accomplish more if our partnership is based on mutual trust, respect, communication, and focus on mutually agreed goals.

I deliver strategy, plan, and execution to launch or re-launch your brand on Amazon, as well as ongoing full management of your Amazon channel.

We calibrate through our working relationship. in business success often depends on being both quickly adapting and foresightful.