Are you not seeing growth on Amazon you would like to see?

Are you frustrated with how Amazon internal system works, or doesn’t work, and how long it takes to get things done?

Do you believe Amazon is a great opportunity, but struggle to grow sales?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the different strategies and tactics, and not sure which direction to take in order to grow your brand on Amazon?

And you are not afraid to do the work, but just need somebody to show you how and what to do?

...Then Amazon Makeover program is for you

What is Amazon Makeover?

It’s a 6 week intensive to transform your Amazon business, and your Amazon sales!

Over the years of helping brands launch and grow on Amazon I have learned that there are certain steps that have to be executed one by one in order to grow on Amazon. Through a lot learning, experimenting, trial and error I created my own process that  produces results: long term, sustainable, sales growth  

And I would love to share that system with you, so we can transform your Amazon business

Reality is: 65% of sellers on Amazon quite after 18 months.

The largest e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon, allows scale and reach that is hard for any other channel to compete with.

But growing on Amazon  can also be a road of challenges, frustrations, lost sales and profits. 

And I wish I could say there is an 'easy' button to grow successfully on Amazon. There is not. 

But it IS possible to be profitable, grow, and NOT feel like you are giving away profits just to be able to sell on Amazon.

You need not only understand how Amazon works, but have a system that works. 

If you feel frustration, overwhelm, loss at what you to do to make your brand show in search results, how to grow reviews, have more sales, and you are not afraid to do the work - then Amazon Makeover is for you.

It's not a course you take to 'learn'. It's an implementation program.

It's weekly support to go through YOUR business issues, challenges.

It's a step by step process that was tested through  years of working with brands. Process that works.

It's feeling of confidence replacing feeling of overwhelm and frustration.

Who it is for:

  • You are an existing brand that is already on Amazon
  • You have 3-5 hours to dedicate to Amazon each week
  • You are already using Amazon marketing, or are open to start Amazon advertising
  • You do not currently have, or anticipate any major production issues in near future

What you will get:

  • Step by step guidance on how to build your Amazon business for sustainable profitable, growth
  • Expertise tailored to your business and experience - our weekly sessions are all about giving not only what you need, but also solutions for your specific problems and questions. Think private coaching at a  fraction of cost
  • Lifetime access to the content AND discounted access to future programs

How it works:

  1. Each week you receive training on a specific topic
  2. Prior to our session you send your questions around that topic - that's how we make sure that YOUR questions are always covered
  3. Our weekly session includes  time for Q&A
  4. You receive an assignment on that specific topic to implement to make sure that you start seeing results, not just learn


Start date:

August 22nd, 2018

Still not sure if it's for you? 


When will I start seeing results?

You may start seeing changes in sales growth as soon as during our 6 weeks of working together! But some things, like listing optimization, or advertising changes, can take some time for Amazon algorithm to ‘reshuffle’ and kick in.  What you WILL get right away is support of an expert, and step by step guidance on what to do next. Imagine feeling of frustration and overwhelm being replaced with confidence knowing that what you are doing will produce results?


Will the session be recorded?

Yes - if you can not attend you will get a replay. And your questions that you send prior to a session will still be answered during the session. So even if you can’t attend - your can learn answers to your questions during replay

Will I have to do all the assignments?

Yes - you do need to have dedicated time to Amazon each week, and do your best to complete assignment on time. This is important: in order to get results we both need to do our share of work each week

What if I go through the course and find it wasn’t valuable?

I have full confidence this will not happen, but if you will have completed all the assignments, and still feel there was no positive impact to your Amazon business - then I will refund you money.  

What tools do I need?

You will obviously need access to your Amazon account. If you use 3P tools for advertising or inventory management - we will talk about leveraging them. But there is no requirement for additional Amazon related tools.

We will be using Zoom for weekly session. It is free and easy to use.

Is it for specific product categories only?

No. It will work regardless of the product category you are in. I have helped brands in food and beverage, personal care, supplements, beauty products, home and garden, books, just to name a few.

I am a busy business owner, do I have to attend myself?

No - you can assign one of your your internal team members to attend and implement what they learn!

Will it work if I sell on a non-US Amazon marketplace?

Absolutely. Concepts and process are applicable to any marketplace. We will just have to make sure that any language nuances are accounted for in the listing and advertising learning modules

When will sessions be held?

Sessions will be held each Tuesday. Time TBD but most likely it will be during EST business hours.

What qualifies you to teach this course?

Great question - as an Amazon problem solver  I have worked with hundreds of brands to help them launch and grow on Amazon. My track record includes such results and doubling sales in 3 months, and growing 580% year over year. In addition to having intimate knowledge of how Amazon works  I have developed my own system that produces results. 

And it's time YOU turn Amazon from frustration and overwhelm to a profitable, well-running business.

I am in! How do I start?

Contact below to start the application process

Irina’s expertise and pro-activity were instrumental in getting us many quick wins by identifying subtle and not-so-subtle gaps in our FBA listings and ad campaign. Her efforts directly led to a remarkable increase in both traffic and conversion rates. I would highly recommend Irina’s services to anyone looking to expand their business on Amazon
— Adam Shams, Co-owner, Krispeas

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