The new Christmas in July


Prime Day Checklist

Maximize your ROI during record breaking sales week

Prime Day is almost here!

Another anticipated record breaking sales day will start on July 16th, 12 pm EST and will last for 36 hours until midnight, July 17th.

There are a number of goals you can set to leverage Prime Day traffic and extremely high shopping intent buyers. Specifically:

  1. Increase sales (the most obvious one!)

  2. Sell through slow moving inventory to avoid monthly storage fees in August

  3. Increase brand awareness

  4. Launch new products

Even though there are only few days left till Prime Day you have time to focus on one of the top 3 goals from the above list.



  1. Pick one of the goals above

  2. Determine action plan (use checklist below)

  3. Document results right after Prime Day is over

It is tempting to skip on step 3, but you will thank yourself next year. While you think you may remember, those learning lessons are more valuable in future when they are documented.


Catalog and Product Pages

  1. Check for any stranded listings in Manage Inventory

  2. Check for any Quality alerts in Manage Inventory

  3. Review your bestsellers, or if you small catalog, all your SKUs for:

  • Title - highest converting titles are between 50 and 100 characters. Make sure most relevant keywords are captured in the title

  • Images - is your main image high resolution? If possible - add more Amazon compliant images. Strive to have at least 6 images on a product page. Example of supporting images: different product angles, lifestyle images

  • Bullet points -  use all 5 available bullet points. Most optimal length is under 150 characters. This length is more mobile friendly, which is critical, since at least of shoppers make purchases on a mobile device

  • Product description - leverage all 2000 characters available. Reinforce products benefits

  • Search terms (backend keywords) - limit to 250 characters, otherwise whole entry is rejected. Do not repeat keywords that are already mentioned in other parts of the listing. This is a great place for long tail keywords



Review your advertising campaigns prior to July 16th. Majority of sellers will be planning on increasing advertising budgets for the Prime Day week, therefore, it’s important to make sure your advertising campaigns are fully optimized to compete for impressions.

  • Increase average bid per click - advertising marketplace will be running in high gear prior and right after Prime Day, and average bid per click on PPC and Headline Ads campaigns will definitely increase

  • Monitor campaigns closely during the Prime Day Week - if you see lower impressions review and increase, if necessary, bids per click

  • If you are enrolled in Brand Registry, but have not set up Headline Ads, Prime Day is great time to bring more traffic for brand awareness

  • It’s still no too late to set up promotions. Consider setting up a tiered discounts to entice customers for buy more  

  • If you have Amazon Storefront, make sure you have a Headline Ad set up to drive traffic to your storefront. Because Prime Day week will most likely have more shoppers on the platform than any prior holiday season, introducing potential customers to your brand is one the best opportunities during this time

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