What does success on Amazon have to do with U.S. Navy Seals?


Last week I learned an interesting thing: a concept used by U.S Navy SEALs called Front-sight focus. When pursuing a target (for example, aiming at a terrorist) front-sight focus means focusing intently at the front of their weapons after lining it up with a target. You are aware of your surroundings, but all of your attention is focused on that small piece of metal in front of you.

In my personal development quest of being intentional about shiny objects, single tasking (instead of multi-tasking) I thought this concept was very applicable to a business.

For all of us in pursuit of professional targets incredible concentration and single-mindedness can be so tough. In the world of multitude of tactics, tricks, platforms, strategies, and opportunities zeroing in on ONE thing requires remarkable discipline.

But more often than not it also is a requirement for tremendous success.

Recently we had to part ways with a great client because they had to close their business. This is what they said: “I think (company name) has gotten sidetracked too often and too many rabbit holes. It's tough to recover.  We should have gone Amazon first, I think”.

These are wise words, as wise as words said in hindsight are.

And to me the emphasis in that quote is not even about going on Amazon first (though Amazon is a great, agile, and scalable platform to start on), but on getting sidetracked and going down too many rabbit holes.

And that requires first, a target, and then front-sight focus.

What is your target? What is your front-sight focus?

Determine your target.

Sales growth is not a target. Growth of 150% in gross revenue in 3 months can be a target.

Then determine your front-sight focus.

Does  selling 25% more units of your bestseller help you hit your target? Then that is your front-sight focus. Focus just on that ONE thing.

Does raising a price by $1 help you hit your target? (and raising prices on Amazon is easier than you may think). Then have that tunnel vision for the next 3 months.

E-commerce world is ever evolving, and keeping up with changes on Amazon is a feat of its own. But that does not replace that mental attitude and intentional pursuit of the underlying business goals. Tactics, strategies, automated tools are not targets of their own, they are just that, tools and means to reaching your goal.

What is your target when it comes to Amazon, and can you determine what should be your front-sight focus?

stay focused,

Irina Balyurko