Will have you a record Q4 sales on Amazon?

 If you can not give a 100% confident 'YES", then Q4 Elevate could be for you!

Amazon is poised to have yet another record sales day during 2018 holiday season, and there is no reason you should not be part of that.

While most product based businesses gear up for holiday season well in advance, when it comes to Amazon they struggle to figure out how to maximize sales, create visibility for their brand, and leverage all opportunities that Amazon's strong shopping platform provides. And having a good holiday season vs. a great holiday season can make a huge difference for a business. Wouldn't you agree?

So what is Q4 Elevate?

It is a 60 minute intensive coaching session where we identify how to (guess what?) elevate your sales in holiday season on Amazon.  

What we will do:

  • identify how you can have a killer sales season on Amazon in Q4 2018? We do that by looking through the main areas (such as your products, promotions and marketing, inventory planning, operational aspects, seller performance) of your Amazon business to determine

  • determine actionable steps to have a record sales season on Amazon in 2018

Prior to our call I will ask you to answer few questions about your business. Because Q4 Elevate is not a cookie cutter generic advice session.

It is a deep dive and 'let's do it' plan designed specifically for YOUR business, so you can make more sales $ in Q4.

You will walk away with:

  • action plan that you can implement quickly to get the most ROI (because holiday season is upon us!)

  • email check in two weeks after the session

  • recommendations to take your business to the next level in 2018

Session price: $397

If you do not find that Q4 Elevate helped you increase sales, then I will refund your money. No questions asked.

The only risk is for you is NOT giving your business the best chance to have a successful Q4.

Let's get you selling!


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Great at helping target areas that needed work on our product on Amazon. She was very knowledgeable and gave straightforward advice.
— Heather S., equine support products company