These are several ways for us to work together:

Brand audit - 

Assessment of your current Amazon business across critical categories. A suggested implementation plan plus one week of email support for any additional questions  

Who it is for:  you know your brand's performance on Amazon is not where it could be, but you are not sure what, how, and in what order to improve. 

Custom consulting session

We focus on and come up with a solution for a specific Amazon related problem for your business. 

Who it is for: you don't need a holistic overview of your Amazon business. You have a specific issue or a problem (for example, MAP control, poor forecasting, lack of reviews, etc.) that you need to determine a solution for. 

Amazon account management

Management of your Amazon channel with both strategic input and implementation. This is the 'done for you' model.

Who it is for: You want your brand to grow on Amazon, but you do not have an in-house expertise, resources, or interest, to manage your Amazon channel. 

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